Customer Experience

"Customer success is our top priority. At Information Builders, our Worldwide Customer Service teams work together to develop the technical support content, products, and services that drive our customers' success. Your feedback supports our ongoing effort to create a great experience for every customer. Thank you for your continued partnership!"
- Frances Gambino, Vice President, Technical Content Management

Share Your Feedback at Anytime

You can share feedback at any time, including directly from a customer service application or the Technical Support Center. All feedback is welcome!

  • Use the Feedback tab on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Send email to Sarah Buccellato, Technical Editor, Technical Content Management.
  • Call Sarah at 917-339-5113.

Share Your Experience

It's easy to participate in a User Experience Session. Just contact us to schedule 20-30 minutes with you at a time that works for you. Use that time to let us know how you use our customer services and what needs to change to better support your success. Contact us to schedule a UX Session or to relay your success, feedback, or ideas.