Before You Call InfoResponse Support

Callers should have certain information available before calling the InfoResponse Support Center or entering a new case on InfoResponse Online. Use this checklist to ensure you have the required information when you call.

Your Product Serial Number or Company Site Code

This information is essential for entering your case in our customer support database. North American customers may submit cases for products with either a valid serial number or a valid six-digit site code. Currently InfoResponse Online only accepts cases from non-North American countries for products that feature a valid six-digit site code.

FOCUS users

Obtain product serial number or site code information as follows:

  • Mainframe and UNIX users, enter: ? RELEASE
  • OpenVMS FOCUS users, enter: HELP SITECODE
  • FOCUS for Windows/FOCUS Six: Click on "Help", then "About"

iWay and WebFOCUS users

Contact your site administrator or local Information Builders branch office to obtain your site code.

A Description of the Problem or Question

Please consider the following questions prior to calling us. These questions will likely be asked when you call, and they may also help you gain more insight into your question or problem.

  • What are you trying to do?
  • Are you receiving any error messages or codes (see below)?
  • Has the problem occurred before?
  • If the problem hasn't occurred before, has anything in the environment or the application changed? For example, was a new operating system release installed? Were there changes or additions to the application code? Has the system's directory structure changed?
  • Is the environment functioning properly? For example, if a network or communications subsystem is involved, is it working properly?
  • If you are trying to access a relational database and are getting errors, can you access the database using the native language?
  • If the problem is occurring with a complicated request, does a simple one generate the same results?

Error Codes and System Messages

Have you received error codes, ABEND codes, or system messages connected with the problem? Please note any:

  • FOCUS error messages
  • ABEND codes
  • System error messages
  • Interface error messages
  • Other error messages