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InfoResponse Online provides electronic services designed to help answer your technical questions quickly and easily. The instructions that follow will enable you to begin using InfoResponse Online in just a few minutes.

North American Customers

You may access Info Response Online if you are a United States or Canadian customer, and you currently have a valid technical support maintenance contract for Information Builders Customer Support Services.

International Customers

To access Info Response Online, you must have a valid technical support maintenance contract for an Information Builders product that features a six-digit site code. If you don't know your site code, please contact your local office.

Note: All InfoResponse Online registration information, case notes and other material must be submitted in English.

* To sign up you will need your site code or serial #, unique user ID and password.

Thank you for you interest in InfoResponse Online! If you have any questions or comments about this service please call Customer Support Services. If you are a North American customer, call 1-800-736-6130. If you are an international customer, you should either call +1-212-736-6130 or contact your local office. You can also e-mail questions about this service to: